Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pink Parties Going Viral

You’ve been invited to a friend’s house for a girl’s night-out party. She asked you to bring an appetizer to share and item that you once treasured but would like to see someone else enjoy it. During the evening you have a chance to chat with friends, learn about breast health and raise money for a local organization that supports women undergoing breast cancer treatment….would you go?

Pink Parties are becoming the rage and it’s easy to see why. They combine treasured time with friends and raising funds for a great cause. That treasure you were asked to bring will be recycled and raffled off at the party to raise money; the breast cancer information sitting on the sideboard may save your life one day; the fellowship with friends is just what your needed and the women being helped by your party is priceless!

Pink Parties are the up and coming way to support a great cause. They are fun and easy to host. To get you started, here are party tips for your Pink Party Raise even more money for your charity and make your Pink Party even more special by using Celebrate In Pink partyware. We offer our products to the hostess at discounted pricing for resale at the party, so that any profits can be given to support your chosen breast cancer charity.

Who knew that one party would change someone’s life? Who knew that you and your friends would pay for chemo treatments and copays, utilities and food, wigs and other incidentals? Who knew that this would be the best party you ever had? Start planning your Pink Party now and see how many other Pink Parties you can spawn, let’s go viral with Pink and make a difference one party at time. Call us for more ways to raise money at your party or for help finding a local organization in your community.

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