Monday, August 16, 2010

Is Pink the New White at Bridal Showers? We Hope So

This could've been my shower!

I am happy to report that Greg and I have been married for almost 31 years and it is amazing to me how fast the time has gone. As I look back and remember my bridal shower and the majority of showers at that time, they were held at places such as church halls, community, or someone’s home. It was rare to have a shower at a restaurant or destination. We didn’t have as many choices as the brides of today have. For the most part the showers of yesteryear were very plain and simple so the infamous shower games were the hit of the party. Over the years bridal showers have certainly changed but the purpose has remained the same, to celebrate a union and nurture it into infinity.

Over the years, I have noticed that brides have changed and in many instances, the changes are for the best. The brides of today are cause minded and want to use their wedding or life experiences as a way to help others or bring awareness to a cause they are passionate about. One of the unexpected uses of Celebrate In Pink’s collection of party ware has been the many brides who have used it at their showers to make a statement about a cause they are passionate about. They love the design because pink happens to be one of their favorite colors and at the same time, it subtly conveys a great message to everyone at the gathering.

Introducing a cause with a bridal shower is a great way to encourage others to follow in that example. Think about what may be important to the bride and groom and their families. Who has been affected by what is a great place to start or whose lives do they want to touch and improve? Find ways of getting your guests involved in that cause and encourage them to continue that support after they leave the shower.

Our brides have told us that they love turning their showers into a gathering that extends beyond themselves. Many of them have a mother, aunt, cousin, or friend who has been affected by breast cancer in some way and love using our party ware at heir special day to show that support.

We would love to hear from you…did you have a socially responsible bridal shower? What cause did you support and how did you incorporate it? Do you have ideas to share with us regarding cause related showers, let us know! Together, we can make a difference on shower at a time…  

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Are You a Cookie Cutter? I'd Get a Second Opinion

You can’t turn on the news without hearing about yet another approach to treating breast cancer and that’s a GOOD thing! It’s great that more and more treatment choices are becoming available. It appears that the medical community is recognizing that we are all different and our breast cancers aren’t cookie cutter. There have been so many changes in approach and treatment since I was diagnosed five years ago that now more than ever a second opinion should be rendered.

Due to the many facets of the breast cancer treatment process, reasons to seek second opinions are vast. To name a few, get a second opinion on your initial biopsy since much for the information revealed about your cancer is the basis for the treatment plan. I had a second opinion from a separate lab on my initial pathology and it revealed a cancer cell not reported on the original report. It happened to be an aggressive type so it was an important oversight. Once you know the cancer types, a treatment plan can be developed.

Since there are different treatment options now available, be sure to seek a second opinion on this too. We are not cookie cutter and our treatments shouldn't be served up as such. This isn’t the time for you to be concerned about offending or hurting your doctor’s feelings. This is all about YOU and what is best for YOU. Since most treatment plans include several modalities (surgery and its many techniques, chemo and its many ways to administer it, radiation and its many ways to administer it not to mention other modalities) the possibilities are endless and you should be sure you have the right mix.

Bottom line, YOU are number one and the most important part of the breast cancer treatment. Become informed and use the professionals to your advantage by forming your team of experts through the power of second opinion.

Share your stories with us to help others get what they need…did you seek a second opinion? Was it worth it? How did you communicate that with your doctor? We want to hear from you…

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Find Out How I Sparked & Hustled in Atlanta

I headed to Atlanta for Tory Johnson’s Spark and Hustle Conference last Thursday and returned on Sunday. I then had to fulfill my civic duty by sitting on a jury this week. After all of that, the case ended up being dismissed, what a disappointment. So I am finally getting the chance to let everyone know about how fabulous the conference was!

First and foremost I have to give a big shout out to Tory for being so accessible to all of us and being extremely genuine. She made each of us feel like we had a new sister who really cares about our business success. She shared her personal stories and real experiences along with success strategies that work for her. The lineup of speakers were fabulous and they all blew us away. Everything from sales and marketing, PR, how to make the most of networking events, pricing for profit, social media and how to use it for business, recognizing the importance of multiple revenue streams, showed us how businesses thrive through collaboration and then challenged us to create our own collaborations by lunch, just to name a few. Solid information that could be applied immediately upon returning home was the name of the game.

Shameeka Ayers, The Broke Socialite, shared that she starts her day with MJ Bleige’s Just Fine that rocks her world and sets the tone for the day. Since music is so powerful, she encouraged all of us to have our own theme song. I haven’t found mine yet but as soon as I do, everyone will know it. Elizabeth Chester of Maddy Moo Creations was extremely generous with her time as we brainstormed on how to bring the Celebrate In Pink collection to homes across America. Jennifer Abernethy of the The Sales Lounge  gave a great presentation on how to use social media to reach customers. These are just a few of many spectacular speakers and women who were a part of the conference.

Last and not least, the conference proved to be a wonderful venue to meet new friends. The ladies were very caring and sincerely interested in helping each other. As a side note, I met very friendly ladies from Asheville who helped planned my upcoming vacation to that area. We plan to get together when I get there, how great is that?
In closing, I am thrilled I was able to participate in Spark & Hustle 2010 and look forward to next years. Here are a few of the glimpses into the conference, enjoy the video . Hope to see you at Spark & Hustle 2011!

Yours In Pink,