Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Great Summer 'Funraising' Tips

Fundraising is an important part of doing some of the larger breast cancer walks. It starts to take on its own life as teams compete to see who can raise the most money. The goal is to have as much fun doing the ‘funraising’ as it is anticipating how much fun walk day will be. Nothing beats the feeling of knowing you will be making a difference in someone’s BFF's life. So here are some fun ideas to spark your fundraising or to enhance what you’ve already done.

1. Calling all Cooks - Get Ready to Cook for the Cure

• Create a cookbook with your walk team’s favorite recipes to sell to neighbors, coworkers, or anyone that supports the cure. Bundle it with Celebrate In Pink partyware to make a great gift.
• Organize a neighborhood BBQ/potluck and ask for donations. Use Celebrate In Pink partyware to make the event even more special.
• Have a pink bake sale. Make all of the treats pink, how much fun is that?

Encourage the kids to get involved! They can be in charge of the lemonade stand at the cookbook release party, BBQ, or bake sale. What a fabulous way for them to help

2. Casual Summer Workdays to the Rescue

Are those suits and dress pants getting a bit heated? Ask your employer to allow a day for the workplace to go casual in support of helping women with breast cancer. Suggest a five dollar donation for dressing down in return for your employer’s logo on your team sign. Add some fun by suggesting that pink be worn.

3. Giveaways are a Favorite

This is a great fundraising event to tie into any of the others on this list. Ask local restaurants or spas to donate a gift card to your team, and then auction them off to the highest bidder! The auction could be silent in nature or have a competitive edge.

4. Kick Cancer Outta Here

Another great summer fundraising idea that is fun for everyone! Set up a kick-ball / soccer / softball     tournament in your neighborhood or in a nearby park. Signup as many teams as possible to make the most of your fundraiser. Don’t forget to bring gift cards to auction off, have a food available for sale and of course the lemonade stand to complete the event.

Hope these tips help get your team moving in the right direction, because October will be here before we know it! And as always, the Celebrate In Pink collection makes great funraisers, call to ask about our great pricing.

Happy funraising!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pinky Heads to the Park - Come with Her!

Recently I took a trip to Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna VA. It's a beautiful 95 acre park nestled in the hustle and bustle of Northern VA. The park boasts large ornamental display gardens, beautiful walking trails, lakes, cherry trees, irises, peonies, an extensive shade garden, fun topiaries, native wildflowers, gazebos, birds and butterflies. It’s an awesome place to hang out; I had lots of fun as you can see from my pictures.

I had the most fun playing on the topiaries and checking out how cool they are. The Canadian geese around the lake scared me at first but we kept our distance from each other and everything worked out. I enjoyed watching the kids in the park having fun and just hanging out.

Tea Anyone?

I immediately knew that I was going to like Meadowlark because one of the very first things I saw on the way in was a Cancer Treatment Garden. It was a nice area to reflect and the only one of its kind in the entire park. It was very thoughtful of them to include such an area in the park.

I had a fabulously pinky day at Meadowlark, so glad I went! Hope you enjoy the pictures; see you next time for another Pinky Adventure!

Always in Pink….Pinky!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Rocky Mountain High in Fabulous Colorado

I can’t believe our Colorado trip has been almost two weeks ago already! As you can imagine, I got caught up in work last week so this post is a bit delayed but I wanted to share with you our wonderful trip. In April, our son and his fiancĂ© moved to Longmont, CO which is about 20 minutes north of Boulder. We really liked the charm of Longmont and its proximity to other beautiful places in Colorado. No matter where you go in Colorado you are sure to find two things…mountains and breweries so all of our outings included both of these.

One of our first outings was to Boulder. We walked Pearl Street, a pleasant pedestrian area filled with great shops (highly recommend Peppercorn) and street performers. We also had brunch at the Chautauqua Park Dining Hall and took in the beautiful mountains around us. You can't go to Boulder without walking through  the University of Colorado. The campus is beautiful and we enjoyed the museum in the Old Main Building. Another great find was the Celestial Seasonings tea plant. They offer a great free tours complete with tastings and a gift shop.

Estes Park is another fabulous town that we visited and really enjoyed. The town has lots of great shops and ambiance, not to mention the beautiful surrounding mountains and lake. It is also the home of the very beautiful Stanley Hotel where Stephen King drew his inspiration for the Shining. Many of the mountains still are snow capped and beautiful.

We went to Denver and toured the State Capitol, it is absolutely beautiful! I would highly recommend this tour and the surrounding park. We then hit the 16th Street Pedestrian Mall where we saw painted pianos throughout eagerly waiting for tunes to hit the keys as well as crazy painted steer. Tree lined streets with pretty flowers and lots of great restaurants abound at the mall. The guys went to a Rockies game while the gals went to a museum. All in all, a good time had by all in Denver.

We drove to Colorado Springs for the day and what a day it was! The Garden of the Gods was stupendous beyond words and we also went to the top of Pike’s Peak via the Cog Railway. I would highly recommend both, the Cog Railway is in a small town minutes away called Mantua Springs. The town is really cute with shops and restaurants, it was fun. The trip up to the summit is about an hour and half. It was a beautiful day until we got on the train. The clouds came in and played havoc with our trip to the summit. We went through lots of weather changes to the top but nothing prepared us for the snow and hail storm at the top. We did have winter jackets as we read that it can be 40 degrees colder at the summit but it was windy and freezing! Needless to say we didn’t get to see the five states we heard about but it was an experience nonetheless.

It’s been over fifteen years ago that I have been to Colorado. I used to travel to Denver and Colorado Springs frequently for work. Going back to where the offices were located was interesting as it brought back memories. I was very surprised at the expansive growth in the Castle Rock area, there wasn’t much there back in the day when I visited the outlet mall, the only reason to go there at the time.

We had a fabulous trip, enjoyed spending time with our family and look forward to going back again and exploring other parts of Colorado. For more great pictures of our trip, visit my Facebook page at:

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Meet the Networking Angels

So it was one week ago that five great women entrepreneurs who, in most cases were connected only in cyberspace, got the opportunity to finally meet in person. A trip to Longmont, CO (see July 6 post) to visit my son and the fact that my Networking Angels happen to live in close proximity, made it all possible! Remember, many of us haven’t ever met in person. It was amazing to actually be in one place with them, hug them, look into their faces to see the spark that we all share and spend time with them.

We covered everything from writing books, selling products on QVC and HSN, profit margins, sales channels, best social media and PR strategies along with a smattering of personal chatter. At times there were multiple conversations going on; I was sitting in the middle so I got to check in on both ends, what a treat! Of course we all had paper and pens to jot down the various tips, contacts and resources we shared.

I have to also say that Martini’s in Longmont, CO was fabulous! Thank you to the Networking Angels for choosing it. The food was great and their martini’s were voted the best in Denver and they certainly lived up to that!

Thanks to Dixie for the delicious Tickled Pink pink toffee for dessert and to Liz for the handy Fobbie Holiday Gift Pack (watch for it on QVC in October). So, without further ado, here are the soon to be infamous Networking Angels:

Front row is Liz Mrofka inventor of the Fobbie, an innovative gift tag that replaces a gift bow, Dixie Daly of featuring great pink delights such as pink chocolates, candles, soaps and pet shampoos, and Barbara Kantor, inventor of Vendante's reflective pop bands that keep humans and pets safe at night.
Back row is Kerrie Weitzel, print specialist and author; and of course, me, Kathy McEvoy, inventor of pink ribbon party ware found at

Not only did we make lots of networking magic but we are expecting to be included in the August issue of the Northern Colorado Business Report! Now, how’s that for magic! There's lots of way to create your own Networking Magic, let me know about your Angels :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Five Women Master the Art of Networking

This is truly an amazing testament of virtual networking and how one woman from Virginia and four women from Colorado are about to meet for their very first face to face meeting.

In May 2008 I met Liz and Dixie at a tradeshow in NYC. During this same time, I was feverishly looking for a printer for the Celebrate In Pink paper products. I had hoped to find one at the adjoining Supplier to the Trade show but no such luck. Turns out that Liz also had a unique print requirement for her Fobbie (great bow replacement for gift packages) and shared with me the name of her print consultant who helped find her needle in a haystack printer. I couldn’t wait to get home to contact Kerrie (aka my Print Angel) to see what she could do for me. Kerrie and I became fast friends and she amazingly delivered two printers to me; without her our beautiful collection wouldn’t be available today. Dixie is the ultimate networker and entrepreneur with great pink products at the Tickled Pink Boutique. She and Liz have been a wonderful source of support over the last two years sharing their time and expertise with me. They were further ahead in their businesses and still to this day are very generous with their ideas and time.

Last fall, I wanted to sell our products on Amazon. Liz knew Barbara of Vedante (reflective pop bands for clothing) who is a very successful Amazon seller and introduced us via email. Barbara has been very kind to share information and strategies that she uses in her business; another very giving lady sincerely wanting to help.

So, you get the picture. I met Liz and Dixie who lead me to Kerrie and Barbara which makes five of us. We all do not know each other but this week I am visiting my son in Longmont CO and couldn’t leave the state without meeting my Print Angel Kerrie, Barbara and of course seeing Liz and Dixie again. SO….all five of us are having dinner Thursday night at Martini’s in Longmont and I cannot wait to see them! All five of us are just as excited since some will meet for the first time and others of us will finally meet in person. I am sure there will lots of great energy and conversation with five entrepreneurs getting together for dinner. If you are in the area on Thursday, stop by and say hi to us, we’ll be the table of ladies gabbing away and sharing business tips, hope to see you there :)